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Solace - Pulse Scent Roller
Solace - Pulse Scent Roller

Solace - Pulse Scent Roller

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The lovely one. Veil your being with the most nurturing oils. This pulse scent will be the one you can't live without. 

Light & lifted - lingering perfume that develops & dances on your skin. An all year round favourite that smells like the spring breeze.


Scent story: Bringing forth the comforting notes of citrus, Ginger & delicate florals, finished with laid back, grounding woody notes in Sweet Almond. 


Apply delicately to the nape of your neck & wrists like perfume.  Safe for wear for all stages of life. - Purposely blended to be gentle (a perfect one for pregnancy, mothers/ grandmothers close to a baby , not toxic or overpowering). 


Amyris, Bergamot*, Cedarwood, Ginger, Jasmine, Lemon*, Mandarin*, Neroli, Rose,   Sandalwood,  Sweet Almond*. *Organic 

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