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Who is Ora Aromatherapy?

Ora Aromatherapy is a local East Coast NZ business creating handmade aromatherapy to enhance wellbeing naturally.

No parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives. We make each batch by hand using 100% natural therapeutic essential oils & supplies sourced right here in Aotearoa.



“ORA aromatherapy oils are just beautiful! My husband and I love vaporising the ‘Hayfever Spritzer’ in our work place. Just a few drops makes our office smell amazing and it helps us both with sinus issues.”

Jude Taylor

“Ora’s hayfever spritzer is the best, best, BEST hayfever product I’ve used… the best part is its non medicated so my whole family can use it as much as we need. The spritzer definitely makes hayfever season a whole lot more bearable and is great for soothing annoying symptoms. Not only that, but it smells great too- win win! Definitely recommend this product to hayfever sufferers everywhere!” 

Lucy Tauai

“Amazing product!! Worked a treat on my sick bubba the last couple of nights. A few drops in my vaporiser and helped him breathe easier!! And smells yummy too! Highly recommend peeps! Thanks Ora Aromatherapy” 

Hannah Robson

"After a hard day of pouring concrete I had a soak in the bath with some Salt Gypsy salts and felt a million bucks. This stuff really works!


“Having struggled with intense anxiety last year, I found a couple of drops of ORA’s ‘Sweet Dreams Sleep Oil’ helped immensely to calm me and keep me relaxed at bedtime. It definitely helped get me some much-needed sleep. Now I just I love falling asleep smelling it on my pillow! Would highly recommend, thank you ORA.” 


I had my parents stay, my dad arrived with a bad cough and unhappy lungs (he has had asthma and hayfever). I had the Hayfever and Sinus Remedy in the diffuser in their bedroom and he went right to sleep with it. He started coughing early in the morning so mum put the diffuser back on and his coughing stopped and he went back to sleep! Ora's stuff works a treat!

Happy Customer

I just wanted to let you know how we are getting on with your products. The Hayfever Spritzer is amazing. We've all been using it, when I said my hayfever starts later in the season, it actually came on this week, itchy eyes, blocked nose etc. The Spritzer has been so good I haven't used any antihistamines and Kelly (10) is sleeping better. We use it every night on him and again in the morning - spray on his pillow as well. We are loving the hormone balance blend Nature's Balance too. I am so glad we found your products. Thank you!


I just want to say I'm so glad I found you! I got the White Light for a gift but I'm keeping it and will order more!!


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you , as not only has my husbands Hayfever cleared up with your Hayfever Remedy, so has his snoring!

Happy Customer!