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The perfect way to enhance your self-care routine & promote a sense of calm & relaxation

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Bioactive Moisturiser

Lift - Balance - Brighten

A multitasking system to combat uneven skin tone

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ORA's Gua Sha

Naturally lift your face, lymphatic drainage & enhace contour with this beauty - Bian stone Gua Sha.

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Moon Rejuvenation Oil

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I am absolutely loving my Bioactive Moisturiser organic face cream, and this is my second tub and I'm hooked! It's beautifully nourishing for my super dry eczema prone skin!- Dramatic changes!


Moon Rejuvenation Oil is the perfect finish to my nightly face ritual. It feels beautiful on my skin, I love the still moisturised dewy feeling when I get up in the morning.


“I'm so glad I bought White Light Purification Mist. I find myself inhaling three deep breaths to the sprays and I really do feel myself instantly become far less stressed or anxious, I am convinced the combination of oils does the trick!, something I look forward to when I get home from a hard day"

Amy T

"This hayfever remedy is seriously the business. I had eyes full of the itch, watering and just asking to be rubbed. I gave my face two separate sprays of the mist and I swear it worked in SECONDS!"


This is the HA I’ve been looking for! I can feel it working all day long- no reapplication needed. It’s a perfect hydrating base layer for my skin regime. Waaaaay.better than any other hylauronic acid I’ve tried. Grateful and excited


I'm quite shocked with how awesome Sol Lumination Cleanse Oil is! I have sensitive skin on my face and have battled eczema for a long time, and the sol gypsy oil works amazingly well for me. It's a bit mind blowing to wake up every morning with no irritation and beautiful feeling and glowing skin. Thank you!


After trying so many creams over the years and having a different cream for morning, night and under eyes and never really being satisfied. I use the light worker for all of the above and absolutely love it. It actually makes me feel like my skin is glowing after feeling so dry and dull the first few weeks post birth.


Sol Luminous Cleanse Oil - This product is incredible. It has a beautiful scent but is also extremely hydrating. I use it every single day and won’t be stopping anytime soon.


After struggling to find a serum that fed by skin well, this truly had results within days. It is easy to apply and the sense of hydration is immediate. The added kawakawa and cucumber feels nourishing and complete, without any nasty chemicals as it is totally natural. Def recommend this serum!