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About ORA aromatherapy



(Ordinary Ritual Aromatherapy)

ORA  is a local Gisborne business creating genuine, researched & therapeutic skincare & aromatherapy to enhance well-being naturally for the body, mind and spirit. Making your simplistic ordinary routines of the everyday into a ritual.  

We are 100% Natural and cruelty free. Absolutely nothing nasty goes into our products. 

ORA is handmade in small batches with energy and love - using therapeutic essential oils and organic botanicals wherever possible with sustainable eco friendly packaging. Here in Aotearoa.





As we have grown along the journey, the brand has taken a strong movement towards that simple ritual that one can incorporate into their everyday life. One that lifts them to a higher spiritual place. 

ORA -  Ordinary Ritual Aromatherapy. It is aligned with exactly what the brand is all about, in that it is aromatherapy for those ordinary (but so special) rituals of everyday that enhance your life and create lifelong memories. Honoring simplicity. I think what differentiates ORA from other skincare apothecary brands is that you really can feel the love put into the products - energetically, feeling that each bottle is handled with hands, giving each one a dose of love and care. I want every product to not only offer results based on the ingredients, but therapeutic benefits to the mind too, making the entire experience making you feel good. 

As we experience rituals and experiences at home, our senses enhance every moment, resulting in sentimental memories. Every experience such as scents of the roses outside, eating meals, conversations with friends and whānau, reading, a coffee in the sunshine on the deck, washing our face with beautiful gentle plant power oils, these are the simple rituals that shape our days and eventually our years. These are the simple rituals that create memories. 

Inspired by the words of Sara and Rich Combs in their book ‘At Home in Joshua Tree’ “slowing each moment down to enjoy the process. The simplest moments of each day have become the most precious; they’re the ones that determine our happiness… Our lives consist of many ordinary moments like brewing a morning cup of coffee, taking a bath or shower, daydreaming or enjoying a conversation with friends. The difference lies in how we do these things and how they connect to the small reminders that nature gives us throughout the day.” 

This is exactly what ORA is about - the reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple things. 



Meet Ora’s Founder and Owner Kate

Qualified Aromatherapist, mother to two, living in the East Coast of New Zealand.

Growing up a free spirit in Whāngārā of the East Coast of New Zealand, I was surrounded by the scents of the earthy native bush and it's special healing plants, the fresh uplifting citrus and the inspiring scent of freesias outside my window. Blessed to experience how nature enriches my own life, I have used this natural magic in what I do. 

I have always been influenced by smell - its ability to transport me, lifting me above the everyday. Experiencing and feeling something higher and connecting with deeper emotions and thoughts; more spiritual. Creating memories and life rituals. 

I like to think I was put on this earth to discover smells (my husband calls me shark nose!)  My inner good-witch came out when hunting and gathering ingredients for my potions.  With a consciousness of spiritual and emotional wellbeing and curiosity for ancient natural healing, I studied aromatherapy, a few years ago, and Ora Aromatherapy was born (2014). What brings me total happiness is the alchemy of combining oils to create something truly unique, helpful to mental health and of course the body (or skincare). The whole package!

I find it fascinating how something as simple as inhaling a scent can affect us with a direct neurological connection.  Scientific research has proven that essential oils can change mood, behaviour and productivity – influence both the body and the mind.

In a world depleted of ritual and ceremony, aromatherapy is an uplifting ritual to practice, to bring back some of this ritual that many cultures relate to, in our lives. 

My love and appreciation for plants.

My understanding about our relationships with plants has deepened. We take from plants so much, they provide us with incredible wellness gifts, food, literally life in the oxygen they produce, but we too need to give back to them. Tend them with water when they need it, read them, know when they can tolerate harvest or when we need to nurture them to grow stronger. Treat them with worship, they too are living things which we are so blessed to have on our planet. Many ancient and indigenous cultures have this respect for plants and it should not be brushed away. ORA strives to maintain an ethical principle in the selection of oils and ingredients only from sustainable resources. 


 What does Therapeutic Grade mean?

When oils are ‘therapeutic grade’ essential, it means they are the purest quality and most potent of oil. Other non-therapeutic essential oils may be inferior in quality or adulterated not producing the therapeutic results and could possibly be toxic.

O.R.A  oils are made from various parts of plants, extracted by distillation, cold pressed or Co2 extracted.

Certified organic, BioGro

The Organic oils in our products are sourced from certified BioGro organic suppliers here in NZ. Their oils have the certification needed for a trustworthy source of the organic ingredients. We strive to use organic ingredients wherever available. 

More about being organic and what it means from one suppliers website: 

"Organic agriculture is more than just spray or residue free. It is a holistic style of farming where the health of the soil and environment is prioritised, including the surrounding flora and fauna. Farmers provide positive care for the environment by focusing on the long-term health of their land, waterways, soil and livestock rather than the short term gain. They use innovative and modern farming techniques to control pest and disease.

Organic production means to produce products that are made without genetic modification (GMO's), the routine use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, animals have been treated fairly and rural communities have been united and empowered along the way. Organic production is the only sustainable option for benefiting ourselves, our environment and future generations."

Our Essential Oils

We love to support other local NZ businesses too. We do not import our ingredients independently, we support other NZ businesses that source our ingredients. Where ever possible we always choose organic and NZ grown. We trust our suppliers only stock the purest form accredited TGA oils. Our NZ supplier test their oils through ABP. 
ABP LOGOAustralian Botanical Products

Our supplier is the exclusive New Zealand agent for the Australian Botanical Products (ABP) range of essential oils. Since 1982, ABP has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of essential oils for professional use across the world.

Passionate about Purity
ABP can guarantee the purity and authenticity of their products with absolute confidence. Each batch of oil must meet precisely defined standards before it is accepted for use, in fact, ABP turns away more oil than they accept!. These standards have been developed over their 30 years of business in accordance with the international best practice and their own painstaking research. Oils are tested by organoleptic (sensorial) and laboratory analytical methods including their own in-house GCMS laboratory run by PhD Chemists specially trained in GCMS analysis.

Quality Accreditation
ABP is the only Essential oil supplier to be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), this means they conform to some of the most rigorous quality control standards in the world giving further strength to their already impressive quality promise.
ABP is also certified organic (ACO), HACCP certified and have various other certifications including Halal and Kosher.


General Disclaimer
The product information provided on this website is intended for educational purposes only. The information provided is not considered to be complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information contained in this website is not intended to be sufficient to provide diagnosis and/or treatment of medical conditions. It is recommended that treatment of serious health conditions be done with the help of a trained qualified medical practitioner.

100% natural and naturally derived ingredients. 

MADE WITHOUT Parabens, Sulphates SLS and SLES, phthalates, mineral oils, formaldehydes, formaldehydereleasing agents, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban. 

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us!

Kate 0279673434