Morning Muse Awakening Mist with crystal Citrine
Morning Muse Awakening Mist with crystal Citrine

Morning Muse Awakening Mist with crystal Citrine

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Energise your soul. This mist is inspired by the vibrance of a golden dawn. Hand picked organic essential oils to inspire light & hope with the gold energy of Citrine crystals known to promote personal power & radiance

100ml *we are moving towards using frosted clear bottles*


Mist over your head chakra, close eyes and inhale with your morning mantra. *Shake before use*


Pink Grapefruit* (Citrus paradisi), Litsea (May Chang) (Litsea cubeba) , Lemon Myrtle *(Backhousia citriodora), Rose Geranium* (Palargonium graveolens)


The reviving scent of Pink Grapefruit oil helps to uplift and refresh the mind, sharpen the senses and promote alertness. Helpful during times of exhaustion, low mood or stress especially associated with mental fatigue. It is also thought to help release anger.

Litsea or May Chang helps to stimulate and uplift a tired or negative mind and is a good choice when feeling mentally or physically exhausted. It has a tonic effect on the nervous system to help with nervous tension and stress.

Lemon Myrtle is uplifting and energising, helping to clarify the mind and aid concentration.

Rose Geranium really shines as a nervous system tonic, helping restore balance and a sense of stability during times of stress and swings of mood and energy. Its calming and uplifting action helps to ease nervous tension and irritability, instilling a sense of steadiness and strength.

*Best to use bottle within 4 months of receiving as it is a water based mist, without chemical preservative. It is fine to use longer than this - there is no harm. It is just as a suggestion to use as the nature of anything natural, it is best used fresh. *