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Mini Crystal Mist Set
Mini Crystal Mist Set
Mini Crystal Mist Set

Mini Crystal Mist Set

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The three crystal mists all in one kit - in a perfect travel size. 50mls. 

This is the ideal kit for someone who wants to try out all three of the crystal & energy infused mists or to have your mists on hand while travelling (yes these are 50mls nice size for the carry-on bag). 

This box includes: 

White Light Purification Mist 

Dissolve negative energy, purify your space, protect your aura & bring clarity with this revitalising cleansing mist. Infused with crystal amethyst, known for its powerful energy healing properties. Excellent to have on hand when staying in new spaces / homes that may need a little clearing. 

Morning Muse Awakening Mist 

Energise your soul. This mist is inspired by the vibrance of a golden dawn. Hand picked organic essential oils to inspire light & hope with the gold energy of Citrine crystals known to promote personal power & radiance

Day Dreamer Calming Mist

Chill out with this sweet relaxing mist & mellow out any stressful energy. Infused with smoky quartz for its strong grounding properties. 

All come in a little box wrapped and ready (includes affirmation card)