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Custom Blends

Custom Blends

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Custom Blends 

*Email to Order* - custom orders are sent from a different location to the usual website products as I will be making them and sending them direct from my studio. 

I absolutely love making new potions. I may need to know further information before making things such as fertility blends, migraine, nausea for pregnancy or other specific ailments. Always patch test before use, and always follow directions. No essential oils should be consumed orally. 

Please contact me to request a custom blend for something you feel you need /or with particular oils or blends you love.  A great idea for a gorgeous bespoke gift for someone special. 

Depending on the product you are after, prices can vary. It can be made in a dropper form for a diffuser, a mist or in a roller blend for on-the-go.

Email Kate -