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Ora Aromatherapy Hayfever Relief

This has to be the most effective natural Hayfever product out.  Hundreds of people in NZ who suffer from severe hayfever allergies are raving about how this 100% natural product really does work!


How does it work?

This anti-inflammatory anti-histamine recipe uses 100% therapeutic essential oils targets the hayfever symptoms for instantaneous relief.

  • Rosemary – promotes cognitive performance, good for memory and is an anti-inflammatory oil
  • Lemongrass – provides relief from respiratory disorders and nasal blockages
  • Clove Bud – anti-inflammatory, stress relief, eases headaches and is cooling clearing the nasal passage
  • Lavender- natural antihistamine, calming
  • Peppermint – cooling and anti-inflammatory, provides instantaneous relief clearing respiratory tract

How to use the Hayfever Spritzer

  • The most effective way is to Spray 2-3 pumps directly into face and deeply inhale - avoid contact with eyes.  Use as often as needed.  Safe for skin absorption with 100% essential therapeutic oils.  It is, essentially, like using a mild toner on the face!  Double whammy.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of the bottled spritzer into a vaporiser with water to have an ongoing lasting effect in the room.
  • Spray into a tissue to keep up your sleeve.
  • Spray directly onto a pillow for night time (a good idea for children with colds)

Use only as directed.  Do not ingest.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Patch test before use.  Consult medical practitioner if any concerns using essential oils.  Store below 30°. 


Who can use it?

Anyone older than 18 months can use this product safely as it is diluted in its pure water carrier and is safe for infants to inhale.  However, it contains peppermint and rosemary which with the menthol component it is suggested to be used with caution for babies and pregnancy **.  It is recommended that you please patch test beforehand to ensure no irritation is caused by any of the essential oils.  It is a popular uni-sex scent that comes highly recommended by all who have tried it.

**Note: Please use with care with babies or if pregnant – this product contains peppermint (menthol) and rosemary (very diluted less than 1%).  Not recommended for epileptics.  Seek advice from your medical practitioner if you have concerns, or contact me to discuss. 

What else can I use the Hayfever Spritzer for?

As it is a natural decongestant it is also effective for:

  • Blocked noses and colds
  • Sinus infections
  • Hayfever symptoms
  • Children with stuffy noses

As it is also a natural stimulant it can also be used for:

  • Invigorating, uplifting mood
  • Improving cognitive performance
  • Revitalising and energising your workspace or room
  • Cleaning the air (especially if there are people with bugs around!)

Please contact us via our contact page if you have any further questions.Hayfever Remedy Review

Disclaimer: because this is a natural blend with oils known to assist, aid and relieve - therefore we cannot guarantee it will cure your hayfever.