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Which of Your Chakras are Out of Balance?

Some of you may be new to the Chakras, whereas others may be up to speed - especially if you are a yogi you may hear the terms being used more often. Here is a very quick introduction to them and how you can identify if they are a bit out of whack and what to do about it.

White female hand holding Citrine crystal and wearing gold rings against a stone wall background



This is your survival instinct - it is located at the base of your tailbone.

If you are out of balance: you’ll have feelings of a lack of security, be a bit panicky, constipated, or feel unsteady on your feet.

You need: The colour RED in your life, such as red crystals like Jasper. Taking walks barefoot on the ground. And woody and earthy essential oils help too (like the ones we have in our Root Chakra blend from our Yoga Soul Collection).


This is your ‘sacred’ energy - it's the divine feminine or masculine energy. It is your creativity, your reproductive systems and your wisdom.

If you are out of balance: you will feel uninspired or struggling to create.

You need: ORANGE colours around you and crystals like Carnelian, lots of orange food helps too. 


This is your self esteem and your digestive system.

If you are out of balance: you may be feeling unworthy or low in confidence.

You need: YELLOW - crystals like Citrine (like in our Morning Muse Mist), SUN, Sunflowers, yellow foods and oils like our Solar Plexus blend. Floral Ylang Ylang or Jasmine essential oil are good for unblocking this area too.


This is our self-love chakra.

If you are out of balance: you could be hurting in the heart, lacking time for yourself or having bad thoughts about yourself.

You need: The colour GREEN such as Green Aventurine crystals, like in our Nature’s Balance roller. Deeper green colours support us with more protection and the lighter the green colours are for self acceptance. Rose Quartz is also for self love which is in our Peace of Mind Roller. Our Heart Chakra Blend or essential oils like Rose are good for this blockage.


This is our communication, our inner truth and self expression.

If you are out of balance: You might have a sore throat or ears or some coughing. This can also be when we are not speaking our truth or failing to confront people where you are being overstepped.

You need: The colour BLUE and crystals like Turquoise. Another way to help is to use the affirmation “I speak my honest truth”. Singing also aids in aligning this Chakra too! 


This is our guidance chakra, your conscious knowledge and thinking.

If you are out of balance: you could be having headaches (especially around the temples) and feeling a lack of guidance.

You need: The colour PURPLE, which includes purple foods. Amethyst crystals help with channeling wisdom, calming spiritual oils like Frankincense and meditation. 


This is our divine connection to the spiritual realm, but this too is your unconscious knowledge. This is your universal direction.

If you are out of balance: you might be feeling foggy, lost or heavy.

You need: some WHITE colour - This could be in the form of Clear Quartz and Sage smudge. Our White Light Purification Mist or the Crown Chakra blend are cleansing for the Crown Chakra when applied to the top of your head and aura. Wearing white clothes, having white flowers in the house and essential oils like Chamomile are helpful for an unbalanced Crown Chakra.


7 essential oil bottles in a row in front of a "yoga soul collection" chart which is leaned against a wooden box. A large crystal is in the background on the left.


I hope this helps you establish any potential blockages and how to clear them!
You can check out our Yoga Soul Collection here.

Be well, naturally
Kate x

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