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Who takes care of YOU?

Have we been brought up thinking that putting ourselves first is selfish? Of course we’ve heard that being ‘good’ is to put others first - but we also have a responsibility to look after ourselves. Your body is your temple, you are your temple and we must give our souls the nourishment we need and treat our minds with respect. 

Loving yourself means treating yourself with honour and that is to nourish yourself with a little ritual time. This is where our little motto comes in, “that golden hour, where you might sneak a snippet of time for YOU time” -  taking care of yourself is loving yourself.

Close up of female's elbow resting on knees whilst sat on a beach



How much do you love yourself? I’m not talking about vanity or how many selfies you take, this is about how you talk to yourself in your own head. I know I have caught myself out a lot on the words I am using to talk to myself. The things you say to yourself will be seen - so be nice!

Appreciate your body and all of its incredible functions. There is that saying, “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone” well, have a little moment to think about that. It seems to be when something isn’t working when you realise how good it was when it was working! I have recently had this appreciation after birth, when functionality of certain organs were not working like they should (there is another long story around this) but, I had a whole new appreciation for them.

Our bodies are amazing, they do such a good job and keep us alive, so we must worship them!

Female dropping essential oils into hands over sink



What is an energetic body? No this isn’t someone who bounces off walls like my 3 year old son Felix… This is our layers. We have FOUR layers which make up our energetic bodies. 

  1. Our SOUL energy - this is our ‘essence’ - our imagination, what makes us us, our overall aura.

  2. Our MENTAL energy - I heard once how we spend 90% of our time in our heads - so we better make it a nice place to be! This is where the thoughts we have determines how we feel. SO be kind to yourself and use nice language!

  3. Our EMOTIONAL energy - this is the bridge between our thoughts and our physical - it is always in constant communication - we are never not ‘feeling’ anything. It is near the surface (when we look at layers) and so that's why we can be easily ‘affected’ by stuff.

  4. Our PHYSICAL energy - this is all the senses, and this is the resulting factor of things that can be caused by the other energy layers too. For example, a sore tummy doesn't always mean just because you ate something funny, it can be your emotional energy out of whack with something (like anxiety and stress) which is causing physical pain.
Hand held out catching pollen in the air

So how do you think you might feel if you stopped making excuses as to why you can’t look after yourself and just did it? We have to do this for ourselves and it is NOT selfish. It is SMART. If you are well cared for and loved, so is everyone and everything around you. Everyone benefits from this, so give yourself a break.



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