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As I have been on the sustainable journey learning about how I can make my changes at home, and sometimes not knowing where to start, well here's one vital place to start - This one is for the bees. 

Bees are responsible for the existence of about 30% of our food. They play the part of 75% of the growth. But the bee population world wide is on the sharp DECLINE. 

What can YOU do to help them? well it's rather simple. Grab your gardening gloves: 


1. PLANT bee friendly flowers - like Lavender, Sage, Thyme, Manuka, or Daphne in this winter climate - the bees are loving my Daphne flowers! Flowers are they way! never mind those non-flowering low maintenance plants. 

2. LET WEEDS BE - if the weeds have flowers, are they really that bad? not for bees! think about leaving your lawn mow a little longer, bees love the clover and Daisies in the grass. 

3. NO PESTISIDES EVER AGAIN - please, this one is the most important and really it should be at the top - ask your local garden centre for an alternative, natural and organic fertiliser or pest control  - like Neem oil. There's heaps more out there. Round up needs to be banished for ever and ever and ever. 

4. GIVE THEM A DRINK - they are busy guys, buzzing about all day can be thirsty work, and I often see them looking about for a drink - so, leave out a container lid with water, pop a rock in your bird bath (no drowning hazards please) 

5. SUPPORT LOCAL - find your local bee keepers and support them by buying their honey. They are often enviro enthusiasts and have the bees best interest at heart, they help the bee population, or if you have the space, get a hive yourself! 

If you do these things then you are the BEES KNEES, you really can help make the difference and it is so simple (and pretty) 

Thank you. x





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