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Cabin Fever

We have had days and days of RAIN - and before we have the realisation of how renewing rain can be, we go through the lows which it brings. Cabin fever. 

Rain, rain go away. Seriously, when you are cooped up inside because it's not just showering outside, it is POURING so you can't even get a break outside for fresh air. We had a weekend inside with a (sick) one-year-old who is into everything (naturally) a dog, a cat and a million flies. It was muggy, damp and inevitably we all went a bit nutty. Trying to navigate our day around naps and battling the flies (if you're like us and try not to use the yucky fly spray, however, Lemongrass and Citronella in the diffuser truly helped) we were struggling to think of what to do with ourselves. Luckily, after one day was spent indoors jumping cushions, pulling apart the kitchen, spending too much on popcorn and chocolate (comfort food) and a long splashy bath, we managed to get out of the house on Sunday. We went to the Master Minds Escape Rooms in Tauranga. Such a fun team activity (and the babies enjoyed it too) being locked in a prison cell and finding clues and cracking codes to escape. Although we (a team of four adults and two babies) not to mention two of the adults with baby brain still (is that allowed as an excuse?) we did not successfully break out in the allocated 60 minutes. IT WAS HARD. We were beginning to get better at it by the end, and still had such a blast and a laugh while doing so. That was the weekend - with only one rumble with the husband (always something so silly like who unloads the dishwasher) and one wakeful night (cheers to the one-year-old) we survived, but suffered the horrible cabin fever. 

Today, the sun is trying. There is no more rain. It is fresh outside. There is new growth on my plants and the raindrops on the flowers remind me how precious rain is. Freshwater gifted to us from the sky. Lucky. Walking around the garden taking it in, checking on the Monarch Caterpillars (whose situation seems to be a little dire) hopefully they have survived the downpours. Who knew having swan plants would bring such stressful responsibility. The shortage of Swan plants has created a bit of an epidemic and although I had one (first) batch of 9 caterpillars with my one tree grow, cocoon and fly away I was stumped to come home the next day to (literally) 100 new caterpillars. After asking the community who had spare plants to feed these guys, I planted three more, which have been totally cleaned up. They are now living on some organic pumpkin. You can see why my anxiety is high for the well being of these creepy dudes. Fingers crossed they make it... nature at its finest - survival of the fittest. 

So. It is Monday, new week, new outlook. Creativity flushes through me. I breathe in the rain-scented air, the smell of it on the grass, memories came to me of being a child and jumping in puddles. I love it when scent transcends me to a happy place in my mind. The one-year-old, dog and I jump at the opportunity for a beach walk while the rain (is still) holding out. That feeling of walking along the beach barefoot, in the shallows is so rejuvenating. I am thinking positive thoughts marching along, dog bounding and while blissfully unaware that my dress has completely ridden up under the front pack at the back exposing my 'comfy' underwear (yes I am still wearing my maternity knickers) but hey, who cares! I am recovering from cabin fever and this fresh air is so good! 

Returning home, I am diffusing some uplifting invigorating Lemongrass and Citronella - combating the flies and stimulating my mind to get some work done while the baby sleeps (yus). 

Happy week everyone. Keep those positive thoughts flowing (even if you have just suffered some hellish cabin fever!). 

Kate x


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