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BEDROOM RITUALS: How to Create the Best Cosy Bedroom Vibe

Want to make your bedroom your very own oasis? I know it is in mine.

I have always been a bed person. I have always had strict rules to anyone who should enter my bedroom abode (ask my husband) it has to be cosy, safe and calm.

Here is how you can make your bedroom your beautiful oasis. 

ORA Bedtime Rituals Blog by Kate Shanks_SaltLamp

1. Adore your sheets.
It is worth spending the money on a good quality set of sheets - promise you wont regret it.. I highly recommend Foxtrot Home linen. NZ owned and these are the most beautiful linen duvet covers and sheets I have tried. If you like your sheets light cotton - always make sure to get 1000 count. These last forever. It is a worthwhile investment. You will LOVE getting into bed with these, but warned, it will be hard to get out!

2. Wear comfortable PJ’s.
I am a py-yama queen - I always have a little fetish with silk sleepwear… it doesn't have to always be the daggy old tshirt you have owned for 20 years (which, don't get me wrong is my every other ‘wash’ outfit to bed) but splurging on some silk is one of those luxury moments where you think ‘hey this is really nice for me and my body’ when we know how important sleep is to us, why not make the uniform important too.

3. Use scent strategically (this one should be first) you all know that scent is the most memory triggering sense.
In a nutshell, essential oils are handled by the olfactory bulb in the brain, which very quickly sends a message to the limbic system sending further messages to the rest of your body.

Smell is the only fully developed sense a fetus has in the womb, and tis the one that is the most developed as a child, this is why when you smell certain smells, it can transport you right back to a very young age in your childhood! - so while we know how scents can help our bodies feel the way we want it to, we can use essential oils to aid sleep.

Diffusing oils before bed like our new essential oil blend ‘Dusk’ or using 'Sweet Dreams Sleep and Anxiety oil' on the wrists, neck and soles of the feet, using 'Day Dreamer' as a pillow mist, soaking in 'Salt Gypsy bath salts', or inhaling the aphrodisiac scent of Jasmine in our 'Sun and Stars roller' ;) might be what you are after… 

ORA Bedtime Rituals Blog by Kate Shanks_BathSalts

4. Get reading.
I LOVE my Kindle. I love an old fashioned book too, but I love my kindle because I can read in the dark and it doesn't bother others who share the room. It is also lightweight so my arms can hold it up above my head, and I can download whatever I want ‘shop’ books right there in my blankets.

Reading truly helps switch off the mind, which I need, nightly. Not to mention excellent for the brain and your own intelligence. I've enjoyed reading ‘The Universe Has Got Your Back’ , ‘Educated’ ‘American Dirt’ and I have just finished ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ all of which I give 5 star ratings. 

ORA Bedtime Rituals Blog by Kate Shanks_Reading with Cat

5. Create ambiance, use a Salt Lamp for lighting.
This helps produce negative ions (which are super positive in terms of your aura health - another yarn),  burn a candle (blow it out before falling asleep please and do check your smoke alarms), soft romantic linen curtains … this might be something you can achieve, I got some from Ezibuy which go over my blinds and it changed the feel of my bedroom to a complete soft floaty haven.

I have a flower arrangement above my bed, or you could have fresh flowers beside your bed in a vase, hang a hook for your pretty kimono/dressing gown (if you have a pretty one - again I send you to point number 2. Splurging on feel good sleep items!) and maybe even some soft sleep tunes. 

6. Finally, hydration.
I did have an issue with this while being pregnant, which caused too many wake ups for the loo during the night, but it is so essential - always have a glass or bottle of water beside your bed.

We will often wake in the night super parched and its a great time for the body to use it for the brain, and other body parts while it is resting (and not sweating it out) before bed, a chamomile tea.

I have my three things which I can’t ‘sleep’ without - A chamomile tea, a magnesium tablet and Sweet Dreams Sleep and Anxiety oil rubbed on my pulse points. 

There you have it.

XX SWEET DREAMS everybody.

ORA Bedtime Rituals Blog by Kate Shanks

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