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Are you feeling a little stressed? Read here to find out which stress you are feeling & how to remedy it.

Everyone feels stress of some description - be it positive stress (like the voluntary stress we put ourselves under to achieve something - like running a marathon) or negative stress, the kind we don't ask for- when the 'healthy stress' becomes chronic, with the result where we have no energy, will only frustration and feel overloaded with pressure. This is where essential oils can come in and work wonders! 

Environment Stress: office spaces, crowded areas, loud spaces with irritating noise etc - Oils to use are:

Cypress - Promotes a calm strong demeanor. Its purifying, uplifting and refreshing. Helps the flow of stagnant energies, also one to be used for difficult transitions and painful changes. Try our blend Dusk

Geranium - The great balancer, an adrenal cortex stimulant. Creates a sense of security and comfort. Uplifting and balancing. Strengthens the flow of energy. (try our Positivity Mist or Mother Nature) 

Chemical Stress: This is 'caused by' stress for example, too many cups of coffee, inhaling yucky substances (pollution or chemicals). Bad air. 

Lavender - The 'cure all' oil - it's prime actions are to balance and normalise body functions and emotions. It is soothing, calming and relaxing. Try our Sweet Dreams and Anxiety blend.

Patchouli - is stablising and slightly hypnotic. It is excellent at reducing stress and alleviating anxiety and depression. It helps bring a touch of earthy sensual nature. It is grounding (good for daydreamers) and calming 'too many thoughts' its centering. Try out Rise roller or essential oil blend.

Physical Stress: Caused by pushing your body to the limit, driving long distance etc. 

Rosemary - The best oil for remembrance, It is overall reviving, refreshing and strengthening. Try our Hayfever and Sinus remedy 

Marjoram - The great comforter of essential oils. Helps with pain on all levels, good for giving solace to the heart and emotions. Useful for tight muscles, really good as an abdominal massage. Try it in our Dusk blend. 

Mental Stress : Trying to overachieve, study, financial worries, uncompleted jobs and employment / social / current event worries. 

Cardamom - Overall tonic on the body, but physiologically it is uplifting, good for nervous exhaustion, depression and lethargy. It fortifies those who are feeling overburdened, with worries and responsibilities it inspires and brings courage. Try it in our Flow roller or essential oil blend. 

Bergamot and Sandalwood - Sandalwood is an aphrodisiac which is helpful when sexual problems are caused by stress, or feelings of isolation. Helps prevent tension headaches and relieves insomnia. While Bergamot is such a sunny oil, cheering on cold grey days, relieves sadness and feelings of depression. Heart warming. Try in our Day Dreamer mist. 

Emotional Stress: relationship, parental stress, grief or feeling unloved. 

Rose - the tonic of the physical heart, also lifts the spirits, allays anxiety and is nurturing. Good for use on children too. It helps alleviate sorrow, sadness and disappointment, helps strengthen the inner spirit, heals the heart. Try it in Rosa roller, or in Little Goldie for children. 

Vetiver- Helps you center when you're feeling disconnected, so valuable when it comes to nervous exhaustion, stress and chronic fatigue. It helps you to sleep, helps the oversensitive with a 'protective shield'. Find it in our Peace of Mind blends and in our Chakra collections (Base chakra)

Mental health is precious, so anything like nature's gift to us that can help with it, is so essential! (no pun intended) 

Kate x




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