Rosa - Rose Absolute Roller
Rosa roller rose petals dish pottery organic rose essential oil
Rosa - Rose Absolute Roller

Rosa - Rose Absolute Roller

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Rosa - Rose Absolute Roller

Absolute love. Connect to your heart and open up for loving energy. The highest frequency scent for strengthening and comforting your heart especially in times of emotional pain or heartbreak.

smells like a rose garden after the rain.

How to use: 

Shake well.

Roll onto wrists, chest & around fine lines on your face. Use with loving affirmation

"I am love"

Why we love Rose absolute essential oil: 

This is the highest frequency oil there is out - it's all about tuning in to one's heart, sending love and self love, also opening the heart. It's a special oil for grief, loneliness, stress or disappointment, and helps release fear, anger and frustration. Rose is also a beautiful oil for femininity. Rose has a calming affect on the heart useful for nervous palpitations, and is recognised for its toning and regulating effect on the female reproductive system (fertility help).  

Rose is very effective to soothe and hydrate dry sensitive skin, and is especially beneficial for mature skin to soften, revitalise and calm redness its anti-oxidant properties are said to be good for mature skin and wrinkles.. This why we have added it to an organic Sweet Almond carrier to be able to apply to your face skin on occasion. 

Note * We do not recommend using Rose oil during the early stages of pregnancy. This roller is potent in Rose Centifolia - it can cause irritation to the skin in pregnancy* 


Rose Damascena Absolute (Rosa Damascena) 100% therapeutic grade essential oil, Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond Organic Oil)