La.Va Essential Oil Bracelet - Size XS
La.Va Essential Oil Bracelet - Size XS

La.Va Essential Oil Bracelet - Size XS

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Size XS lava bead bracelet

For a limited edition collection we have stocked some of the beautiful La.Va crystal and lava stone jewellery. These are all handmade with local sources crystals and with tonnes of love. 

La.Va essential oil lava beads are designed to soak up your chosen essential oil or blend to be worn close to the skin providing the therapeutic benefit and a lasting scent (up to 3 days). The combination of genuine crystal beads (which each hold a different healing meaning) and essential oils is a beautiful way to find the balance in life you are seeking.

Pair your bracelet with one of Ora Aromatherapy's roller or essential oil blends. 

Please note there are only a few of each type. Some bracelets may vary in stone count depending on size. Bracelet may be slightly varied from images provided. If you have any questions please contact us and we can help personalise your choice. 

Size options: Please measure your wrist prior to purchase. Your are in XS now 

~ I Am Content~
Howlite, Blue Aventurine, Lava Stone

XS - 15 cm

~ Sacred Woman ~
Rose Quartz, Unakite, Lava Stone

XS - 15 cm

~ Revive ~ (image coming)

Pink Zebra Jasper, Howlite, Lava Stone



**Please ensure you measure your wrist before purchasing. We cannot return or swap due to the limited stock available. **