Handmade Ceramic Oil Burner
Handmade Ceramic Oil Burner

Handmade Ceramic Oil Burner

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Create a soft calming ambiance with a beautiful handmade earthenware oil burner, half dipped with transparent glaze on sandy pink clay. These gorgeous burner create a special light and warmth to your space and offers a strong scent (more so than a scented candle) makes for a cosy housewarming gift (the best part is that it does not require electricity, so perfect next to the bath!) 

Please select your colour either Olive Green or Pink Clay.

Comes in a natural cotton bag. Handcrafted in NZ. Size: 11 x 11 cm. 

To use: Add a few drops of Ora Aromatherapy essential oils or any of our products with a touch of water to the lid.  Pop in a tea light candle and your aroma will begin to infuse. Burn time is around 30 mins depending on your candle.

Pair with: A beautiful calming blend like Peace Of Mind essential oil

Safety: Please always use care when using oil burners - keep well out of reach of children and never leave a burning flame.  Tea lights will burn out on their own and are safe - but common sense helps.