Eucalyptus & Lavender Pure Essential Oil 10mls

Eucalyptus & Lavender Pure Essential Oil 10mls

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Eucalyptus & Lavender Pure Essential Oil 10mls - Blended ready to use (pure essential oil not in carrier) (Eucalyptus globulus, Lavandula angustifolia) 

The perfect match. A bathroom staple for cold & flu symptoms. One of the best decongestant blends. Safe for children. Useful for headaches associated with congestion or mental fatigue. A comforting blend for the home. 

How to use: Use as an inhalation or chest rub for a blocked nose, sinus congestion or chesty coughs. A respiratory antiseptic & aids immune defense. Helpful during fevers. Try as a muscle & joint rub for stimulating circulation & easing pain. 

This is always my go to when the kids are unwell, I love to rub it on their chest  with a carrier oil like All Body Oil (or sometimes neat to their pajamas) and it not only clears but helps them relax to sleep . Use this oil in the kids bedroom diffuser (3 months plus of age) only need 4 drops in there. Make sure the room is ventilated for young babies (and pets). Do not let children touch or eat essential oils.