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Birth Blend
Birth Blend

Birth Blend

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This beautiful botanical blend is to promote a calm and focused mindset and helps to uplift and energise in the final stage of labour.  A true mental and physical helper, from one mother to another - this is amazing during labour. 

Star ingredient: Clary Sage is the active ingredient in Birth Blend which when used aromatically or topically during labour, supports the efficacy of and encourages the regularity and effectiveness of contractions, increase mental clarity and decrease the normal pain associated with labour once the contractions are strong. 

Size: 5ml


Dab on pulse points (wrists or temples) or add to diffuser or oil burner. *There is Sweet Almond to carry this oil to make it safe to apply directly to the skin in labour. 

Can I use this post-natal or if I am not pregnant or giving birth? 

Yes! The blend makes a wonderful belly / back rub for periods easing discomfort, also useful  to help ease pre-menstrual symptoms of the body and mind. Quick-acting in a massage oil, bath or compress for abdominal and lower back cramps before or during menstruation and to help during labour. It is also beneficial during menopause to help with hot flushes and hormonal fluctuations especially where irritability is present. The antispasmodic and relaxing actions of Clary Sage are also suggested for asthma.

Clary Sage is of great help during times of anxiety, nervous tension, low mood and nervous depletion. Especially helpful when the mind feels panicky, fearful, scattered or out of control. Clary Sage helps regain perspective and a sense of wellbeing and calm. A good post-natal essential oil to help adapt and recover from childbirth. The euphoric action of Clary Sage is also helpful to open and centre the mind during times of stress, creative processes or meditation.



 100% Organic and therapeutic essential oils in a blend of Organic Almond Oil.
  • Clary Sage*– the best oil for birth,  known to minimize tearing, relieve muscle tension and stress. *Can induce labour so only use when you are ready to give birth.
  • Peppermint*—helps with exhaustion, nausea, heat and aches during labour.
  • Lavender*– a comforting scent which enhances a calm state of mind.
  • Sweet Almond Oil *

Storage & Usage

Use as directed. Patch test before use. Store below 30 degrees and keep out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.