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As a safety rule, we suggest avoiding all essential oils in the first trimester- then, all our other products ARE SAFE to use from the second trimester in moderation - using less often than one might not pregnant. ** - for example , Hayfever is able to be used in moderation past the 12 weeks - there are some ingredients to be aware of like Rosemary and Peppermint which I make clear - these are diluted and to be used 3 times a day rather than every hour say as a guide. When using essential oils in a diffuser, use half the amount generally suggested (instead of 8 drops do 4 drops) one should use half a strength to general adult doses. If you have any questions or concerns please consult Kate or of course your midwife for further clarification.

NOT TO BE USED PREGNANT: Peace of Mind essential oil or roller blend , Positivity Mist,  Birth Blend (til due date obviously not before - reason being is Clary Sage is the active ingredient in Birth Blend which when used aromatically or topically during labour, supports the efficacy of and encourages the regularity and effectiveness of contractions, increase mental clarity and decrease the normal pain associated with labour once the contractions are strong. 

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