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Bioactive Moisturiser
Bioactive Moisturiser
Bioactive Moisturiser
Bioactive Moisturiser
Bioactive Moisturiser
Bioactive Moisturiser

Bioactive Moisturiser

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Lift     Balance     Brighten

Restore your skin with NZ organic bioactive ingredients, clinically proven to brighten skin and target the signs of ageing. 

  • Lift creases and lines
  • Achieve immediate glow
  • Combat uneven skin tone

Your face will glow with immediate results when this moisturiser is used as part of your daily skincare ritual. 

Size: 65g


Apply morning and night to face and neck. Follow with an ORA serum, if desired, for an extra hydration boost. A little goes a very long way! Dab dots lightly around the eye area. Move in upward strokes to rub in.


  • Effectively diminishes blemishes and hyperpigmentation in only 7 days
  • Promotes skin vitality and glow
  • Act as an incredible moisture retainer
  • Effectively boosts the skin with immediate and long lasting hydration


Geranium: Balancing/ toning/ dry or oily / problem skin

Geranium’s balancing effect makes it suitable for dry, oily or combination skin, especially showing signs of congestion and stagnation such as acne, eczema, bruises and broken capillaries. Its healing and antiseptic properties are helpful for minor burns, acne, psoriasis regenerating and toning the skin. It is a brightening oil for that extra 'glow'. Stress releaser too! Not recommended for pregnancy.

Neroli: Dry / Mature / Sensitive / Pregnancy 

Neroli is a beautiful oil to condition all skin types and is particularly suited to sensitive, mature, dry or irritated skin. It is recommended for broken capillaries and redness, and helps stimulate skin regeneration and protect against or soften scars and stretch marks. A supreme oil for the mind and spirit, Neroli is extremely calming and brings about a sense of peace and tranquility. Great to use for anxiousness and panic, low mood, nervous tension, sleeplessness and emotional trauma or hysteria. It is sometimes called the ‘Rescue Remedy’ of essential oils.

Unscented: For super hypoallergenic skin. If you have any sensitivity to essential oils on the face, this one is for you. It has a slight natural smell to the cream. 

Note: If you have particularly oily skin where you hormonally break out around the lower half of your face- you might find that using the cream around your eye and forehead area is sufficient , avoiding the chin and mouth area. Contrary on the other hand if you have dry skin, you might like to follow with using Moon Gypsy or Sol Gypsy face serum for an extra hydration boost. 


"Having very sensitive and quite dry skin, I’ve been using Organic Bioactive Moisturiser  for about a month and I can hands down say it’s by far my favourite moisturiser I’ve ever used. Within a few minutes of the first application my skin felt so soft and hydrated. It’s not greasy or heavy and yet it keeps my skin from feeling dry all day. All day!!"

"I literally only have to use a pea sized amount which I repeat in the evening before bed too. I do not use any other products on my skin apart from water. Within a few days I started to notice that wrinkles around my eyes appear less noticeable, and my skin feels smoother and firmer. There was absolutely no reaction which is what happens every time I try to switch products and my skin has to ‘get used’ to the change. I am so in love with this magical moisturiser! Thank you Thank you" 

"I Just finished my night time skin ritual. ... Loving my growing ORA collection. And wow my skin has never felt this good or felt this soft and silky! I wish I'd taken before photos of my face before using the Bioactive Moisturiser face cream..... But it's too late now because I'm 3 days into using it and the results are so immediate!! Like actually glowing!! What magic is this?! My skin looks and feels so smooth, soft and nourished right now. GLOWING and loving it. Feel like skipping daily make up with these results! You are an amazing white witch, magic potion making, light worker!!" 


New Zealand Bioactives working together as one - multitasking system to combat uneven skin tone and imperfections via different modes of action.


Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Camellia oleifera seed oil*, Glycerin*, Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)*, Dehydroacetic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Aqua, Caesalpinia spinosa gum, Totarol* Andansonia digitata* (Baobab Oil), Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrent Seed Oil), Mangifera Indica (Mango Extract) Hippophae rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn Oil) Algae extract;  [New Zealand native red seaweed] (and), Cyathea medullaris leaf extract [New Zealand native black fern] (and) Centella asiatica leaf extract [Gotu Kola] (and) Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract [Licorice root] (and) Gluconolactone & Sodium benzoate & Calcium gluconate (and) Potassium sorbate, and Essential oils (depending which selection - Pelargonium graveolens (Organic Geranium) or Organic Neroli) 

Organic Bioactive sustainably sourced from biodiverse, pristine New Zealand. Click here to see more on the harvesting & traditional Tikanga practices used for the making of the Organic Bioactives we include in this product. 

More information about the ingredients:

Mangoes contain Vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as minerals and several potent antioxidants.

Among the more unique compounds in Mango is Mangiferin which has potent immune properties and also act as a powerful antioxidant.

Sea Buckthorn oil contains high levels of nutrients which are essential for skin revitalisation, and is used to combat wrinkles, dryness, and other signs of malnourished or prematurely aging skin. 

Black Current Seed Oil - The blackcurrant is appreciated for the benefits of its fruit as it is very rich in many phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. They are particularly rich in gamma-linolenic acid; an important ingredient for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Baobab oil is known to have highly moisturising and emollient qualities, and is effective in improving skin elasticity and softness. It is a rich source of vitamins A and F, which are actively involved in rejuvenating and renewing cell membranes, and are extremely helpful in the natural process of skin rebuilding. Baobab oil is also high in vitamins D and E, with vitamin E in particular proven to be a superior antioxidant, widely used to help fight the aging process.