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The Routine - Simple 3-step skincare Kit
The Routine - Simple 3-step skincare Kit
The Routine - Simple 3-step skincare Kit

The Routine - Simple 3-step skincare Kit

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The Routine

Skincare 3-step starter kit. I am often asked "where can I start with using ORA?" This is the perfect start - to cover the bases to begin your collection with ORA products. By buying this easy starter kit you'll save more than $10 rather than buying them individually.

Your box includes: 

1 x Gentle Cleansing Milk

1 x Organic Bioactive moisturiser - add note which flavour you’d like (Geranium or Neroli)

1 x Moon Rejuvenating Oil 

1 x ORA travel bag FREE!


Start with a gentle cleanse with Gentle Cleaning Milk, this removes grime from the day while the fresh scent bring you joy.

Next, applying your Bioactive Moisturiser - this is a necessity to your everyday routine - morning and night - this one always goes underneath the oil, but over any serums you have (Hydrating Booster or Vitmain C Serum). Enjoy the firming ingredients with the scent of Neroli (please contact me for request of the alternative scent or unscented) 

Finally, applying Moon Rejuvenating Face oil to lock in and deeply hydrate your skin. Take a moment here to really enjoy the ritual. Send gratitude to your skin, set the glowing intention your skin will take on. Morning & Night (or if you have oily skin, just nightly). This oil is a lovely completion that locks in the yummy ingredients you have added underneath, while also being packed with wrinkle miracle working ingredients. 

In the day, always finish with an SPF. 


The Routine is the simple beginning to your skincare routine. Commonly bought together with this set are: 

Brightening Vitamin C Exfoliant - use this 1-2 times a week to really brighten and boost your skin with natural vitamin C. 

Vitamin C Renewal Serum - rich, active antioxidant protection for the mornings, collagen renewal & just firmer, evened our skin! 

Hydrating Booster Serum - for added soothing moisture, Hyaluronic Acid , Kawakawa & Cucumber extracts. 

Sol Luminious Cleanse Oil - use this oil if you wear foundation makeup daily- this oil will help remove eye mascara, heavy foundation - it is a deep cleanse - you'll be surprised how effective this oil is without stripping your skin. Never use a makeup remover again. 

Rose Calming Toner - for problem skin, this is a nice in between Cleanser & Light Worker. Also useful to add in instant hydration while your face is still wet (and pores are open)  from the shower / cleanse ritual.