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Organic Baby Sinus Soother-  Mist/balm/blend
Organic Baby Sinus Soother-  Mist/balm/blend
Organic Baby Sinus Soother-  Mist/balm/blend

Organic Baby Sinus Soother- Mist/balm/blend

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Organic Baby Sinus Soother - Choose Balm, Mist or Diffuser Blend. 

A safe effective blend to help clear baby's blocked nose or chest. It smells delicious too and is an absolute lifesaver for those sinus snuffles. Also a good option for signs of hay fever. 

100% therapeutic & organic essential oils safe for children and babies 3 months+ to use. 

100ml Mist
5ml Pure Oil Blend
30g Balm (Candelilla Wax Base)
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Spray in the air above child for them to naturally inhale or spray onto the chest, back or even soles of the feet. Spray onto clothing or pillow as another option.

Diffuser Blend: This beauty is also available in a 5ml pure oil blend for your diffuser. (Do not inhale pure oil blends + do not apply directly on to the skin)

Balm: The balm is the ideal replacement of vapour rubs. Apply to back, chest and soles of the feet to help clear respiratory system, and ease coughing. 


* Organic

Spearmint*, Marjoram Sweet*, Cedarwood, Mandarin, Lavender, Juniper Berry*, Black Spruce & Purified Water. (mist) or for balm Sweet Almond *& Candelilla wax base. 

The combination of safe oils used are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, aid the respiratory system and clears congestion while helping boost the immune system.

Safe for babies to use older than 3 months if sprayed in the air for them to inhale (rather than directly onto baby's skin). For older children age 1.5 years and up, safe to apply to skin. Please seek advice from a medical practitioner or aromatherapist (welcome to directly message Ora) if you have any questions or concerns around using essential oils with babies.

Always patch test before use. Store below 30 degrees. Keep out of reach of children and out of direct sunlight, please.