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Gentle Nappy Mist
Gentle Nappy Mist
Gentle Nappy Mist

Gentle Nappy Mist

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Soothe and freshen baby's bottom with this gentle, healing mist. Use for baby change cloth wipes or for post labour healing.

The combined magical ingredients of this potion are effective as

  • they possess anti-inflammatory properties to speed healing
  • have natural astringent properties with a mild antibacterial effect which helps prevent the entry of bacteria
  • excellent for sensitive skin - safe and calming for irritated skin
  • improves the effectiveness of the skin barrier, reducing moisture loss
  • reduce inflammation and swelling, thereby improving the irritation, itching, and pain. (perfect for mothers post birth botties!) 


Mist directly onto bottom, or onto reusable cloth wipe. Patch test before use.

*I like to use plain warm water while baby is newborn, then begin to use this mist when baby is 1 month and older* 


Handcrafted in NZ with organic ingredients: Chamomile Water, Lavender Water, Witch Hazel with Lavender & Manuka essential oils.

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