Welcome to Ora Aromatherapy

Welcome to Ora

Ora Aromatherapy's range of therapeutic products were created for people to feel better, naturally. There are so many synthetic scents out there along with nasty paraben filled products and one is often misled by words such as ‘natural’ on the packaging when sometimes the product is not at all using natural ingredients. We want you to rest easy knowing Ora Aromatherapy’s products are 100% natural. 

Ora is the Maori word meaning ‘to be well’ or ‘to be healed’  - and with aromatherapy, this goes hand in hand.

Ora. (verb) to be alive, well, safe, cured, recovered, healthy, fit, healed.

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice and a ritual which we firmly believe in. At Ora Aromatherapy we are inspired by the cultural uses of plants and aspire to these while creating healing blends.

Ora Aromatherapy creates blends that not only smell amazing but are offering health benefits too!

Thank you for supporting our small business and for reading here today.

Please have a look around and explore Ora Aromatherapy’s beautiful range of feel-good blends!

Kate x

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