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How to Repurpose your Empties

Our planet needs our support now more than ever. We are striving to show our love and do our bit for Mother Nature to be as sustainable as possible.

We acknowledge that our entire product is not completely biodegradable or recyclable, but we are working on developing this so we can protect our home. Instead of throwing away your used bottles, we have compiled a list of wonderful ways to repurpose your empties and give your containers a second life!

Green bottle attached to a wall with flowers inside

Here are some cute and nifty ideas:

  • My favourite way to reuse empty bottles is to create a flower jar (if you got some dried flowers in your ORA package, you could save them to go in your empty bottle at the end!)

  • Refill and reuse! Get creative and fill up your bottles to give them a second life - to thoroughly clean your bottle, soak it in hot (but not boiling) soapy water for 10 mins, drain upside down and leave in sunshine to dry out.

  • Recycle your mist bottles for a home cleaning mist - whether that’s a bench spray, a toilet mist or antibacterial spray.

  • Old Body Oil bottles and pumps can be repurposed with your fave shower products - I love making my own shampoo, but you could pop to your local refillery to top up with body wash, shampoo or even detergent.

  • Old jars, such as the Salt Gypsy, can be used for kitchen utensils, if cooking’s your thing, you could fill it with homemade jam. I keep the lid and store play dough in mine!

  • Old candle jars are great to use on your desk for pens and pencils.

  • Empty jars and pots are also perfect for potting plants, seedlings or for propagating.

  • Some people post theirs back for a refill of the same item which I ship back for free (although this uses carbon miles of course) - If you’re local, you are welcome to bring your empty for a refill!
Brown pump bottles with contents labels, on a shelf

Take care of your mind, body and soul with ORA Aromatherapy, and take care of our planet by consciously repurposing your empties!

Our Pledge:
We are striving to do our very best. We understand that not our entire product can biodegrade as efficiently as the planet needs - so we have offset this with becoming a member to the 1% for the planet org. This is currently underway and we can’t wait to be a part of such a great sustainable movement.

Be well, naturally

Kate x

Scrubbing brushes in a glass jar

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