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Raising your frequency with essential oils

I know I am not the only one feeling especially sensitive to the energies buzzing about these days. We know there is a lot of heaviness happening in our own and the greater world around us. 

Some of you may be new to the concept of understanding our energy, and how to 'raise your frequency' it might sound like a little bit of hippie hoo ha, but perhaps you are open to understanding it more? 

Remember back in science class when you were 13 or so, we learned how EVERYTHING is energy? - everything is made up of molecules - moving molecules - so even something solid like your chair, is actually countless molecules vibrating with life and frequency! 

So with that in mind, we can begin to understand more of how the universe works, it is a lot easier to play part when we think in terms of vibration (and energy). Think of frequencies - like a radio, tuning in to different frequencies via radio waves will allow you to tune into different channels. our bodies too, are impacted by different things we come into contact with which can change our own frequencies! 

Typically, our bodies run around a frequency of 62-72 Megahertz (MHz). Everything we touch and eat has frequencies which can affect us - eg. food - processed food can measure zero in frequency, whereas fresh food, fruit or vege can have a measurement up to 15MHz. BUT also, our thinking can affect our frequency. If you have negative thoughts, it can lower your frequency by 12MHz, but positive thoughts can raise you by 10 MHz! 

OK, so where do Essential Oils come into this? - well, as I was talking with a friend the other day about the most beautiful oil in my world - being Rose, and she said, yes and isn't it the most highest frequency of the oils? YES! this has inspired me to write this blog today. 

Rose - 320MHz !!!! 

Frankincense - 147 MHz

Lavender - 118MHz 

Chamomile - 105 MHz

Juniper - 98 MHz

Sandalwood - 98 MHz

Peppermint- 78 MHz. 

So as you can see, a lot of essential oils run at a very high frequency! no wonder they make us feel so good right?! 

For a time like this in the current world - I am recommending reaching for that beautiful Rose oil, in our products we have it in Free Spirit Roller , Little Goldie baby massage oil , and some custom blends have made lately. If you are looking at the list above though, you will find these ingredients in almost every one of our products! - remember essential oils are all HIGH in MHz, so it doesn't matter which have the exact highest of all, using them in the first place is already amazing. 

Your body attunes to its surroundings, so if you surround yourself with positive frequencies like essential oils, happy things, people who make you feel good, cats, animals, trees, oceans! then you will be able to lift your body frequency. 

While you cant shield yourself from low frequencies, you can make a conscious decision to bring as many positives ones into your surroundings. 

Thank you for reading, and for raising the vibration of our planet with your choice to lift it with your positivity.

x Kate 






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