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A Scent Journey for a Little Mindfulness

Wake up and smell the coffee ... this is one of the first pleasures to the senses as we start our day, we have a split second where we stop and think "mmm coffee" and the scent sends a signal to the brain which might mean something different for each individual. For me, it means wakey wakey but then deeper is a distant memory of my aunt's kitchen at breakfast time. The memory or thought changes from day to day but this is the first scent journey I take in my day without knowing it.
When it comes to mindfulness (for those who struggle to do the actual meditation type) a scent journey can be a really nice way to escape the busy world for just a moment. Stop to smell the roses (literally) let that scent take your mind away somewhere. Step outside and take a deep breath in. What can you smell? think about it. The fresh scent of clipped grass, the trees, the smoke from a chimney perhaps? Each scent has some recognition with the brain and it takes us to a memory or thought for a moment. I encourage you to savour this moment.
I love to use Ora Aromatherapy's Positivity Spritzer in the mornings too, to start the day with a positive vibe and a scent journey. I take a moment to think about the essential oils I can pick out and let the brain tell me it's story of what that means to me. A small ritual, yet so good for the mind. 

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