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Beautiful Ways to Support your Body through Migraines

Beautiful Ways to Support your Body through Migraines

I have had a few clients who have suffered from migraines and have requested a blend - and the feedback has been so positive. It is quite amazing the power of our special essential oils, but also there are just a few things we can do to help when that pesky migraine is coming in.

1. I use this blend that I make which includes oils like Peppermint, Marjoram, Chamomile among others

2. I also drink Peppermint tea. Drinking lots for hydration is essential when one has a headache - flushing the system - sometimes a herbal tea is easier to handle. Chamomile Tea is also a good one - it is a diuretic (makes you pee) which is good to help flush toxins out. 

3. Massage on the face - this helps move toxins from the face too - but also helios to relax your face (particularly your jaw) which seems to be tense when you are in head pain.


Using a Jade or Rose Quartz facial roller is a good way to give your face a massage, or simply massaging one of our serums into the face, you can add a drop of the migraine blend to the mix for behind the ears or neck too. (contact me if you need a migraine blend here)

4. Using crystals like Amethyst - it’s said to help with spiritual downloads and protection - all while calming, aiding sleep.

Which brings me to the final one...

5. Sleep - if you can, the more sleep the sooner the migraine is to be gone, but make sure you have done all of the above first (and peed as much as you can) before laying down.

Be well, naturally
Kate x

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