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Ok. So, this will make my family laugh - to hear that I am writing a blog post about how to be a morning person as my entire life I have been the one who stays up late happily to party all night long but never have been good with mornings…

However, now, being a mother and all, I am the other way around. BUT, this does not mean that I am jumping out of bed like a monkey - this takes work.

Here are some tips how to take back your mornings, and feel better about them:


No phones allowed! - I do not take my device (besides my Kindle) to the bedroom. It stays on flight mode in the kitchen.

The alarm still works- which goes off and forces me to climb out to turn it off. Some of us though (Mothers/Fathers) have natural alarms (Children) who do this for us, happily.

But my point it, don’t take your phone to bed, the blue light will give you blue brain and that doesn't help with sleeplessness.


Turn on the music - the first thing I do, before anything else is turn on some happy music going with what vibe I want. This sets my tone for the day.


Wash face with cold water, mist with Pink Moon Toner, then Sol Gypsy which is a Pow! to the senses and makes you feel skin-happy.


Drink lemon water. Have two cups.

With Step 2 it should naturally make you feel like dancing (well for me it does) and I do a kitchen dance! But if you are not a dancer, exercise! Whatever your jam.


Shower with a boost - Sugar Gypsy has invigorating Peppermint in it which always helios you feel oh-so-fresh for the day.

You can also try dropping a couple of drops of essential oil like our Sunrise essential oil blend in the base of the shower so the steam and heat of the shower infuses it all around you.

Mist your Morning Muse mist to set your intention for the day and have a boost of motivation to tackle the day ahead!


Ok you can have a coffee now.

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