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Finding Joy - the inside job - By CJ Telford - Moksha Yoga

I asked the beautiful CJ from Moksha Yoga if she would be happy to be the writer in this blog for you today. I have been finding it hard to get the words out lately and she has just nailed it right here. Thank you CJ for being a wonderful, thoughtful human. Read on for enlightenment...

Crickey! what a time of it we have had lately in our gorgeous country.  My heart goes out to all those affected by the cyclone and if you are one of those people please do know you are in our thoughts and our hearts.

If you are feeling a bit wobbly at the moment it is very understandable.  There's been a fair bit thrown at us over the last couple of years, including the recent extreme weather events that have shattered homes, lives and livelihoods.  Even if you weren't in the direct line of the cyclone you will have been carrying sadness and worry for those affected, even from afar, which can really start to wear you down. 

So is it possible to be happy even when it feels life is fragile and things are out of our control? 

I do believe so. 

For me happiness comes from knowing my place in the world, of feeling loved, content and in purpose.  It's about being able to enjoy the small things, the simple pleasures and being able to find joy in the day to day experiences and activities.  It comes from being in a state of gratitude.  It's about being sensitive to what is happening around you but not letting it affect you directly (unless it actually does!)

Finding joy is an inside job.  If you think about when you were last grumpy (maybe you're grumpy right now) notice how it taints everything, the people you come into contact with, your experience of life.  Of couse we are only human and we will experience emotions other than happiness but we really do get to decide what our default will be.  We get to decide if we are going to embrace life and all it's ups and downs or will we lose our sense of fun, stick our heads down and try to just survive.  

If you are struggling to find happiness right now here's a couple of tips that might help you rise up...

1. Keep good company.  Make sure you surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you smile.  Who encourage you and support you and genuinely want to see you succeed.

2. Find things to laugh at, funny jokes, movies anything that gives you a giggle is worth it's weight in gold.

3. Give yourself permission to turn the news off, to stay off the socials. It's really important we stay aware of what is happening around us but at the same time it's ok to say that's enough for now.

4. Put yourself first.  Every day do something that fills your cup with joy.  Don't be a martyr - you aren't serving anyone, least of all yoruself, by putting yourself last. You'll just end up bitter, grumpy and feeling disattisfed.

That's just a few ideas, there are many more but really it comes down to knowing what you need to thrive and then making sure you include those things into your life every day.

Of course, I'm always here if you need a chat so please do reach out anytime. 

Kia kaha

Much love CJ 

 PS. if you are ready to make change here's a couple of ways we can work together 

1. It's time to go from grumpy to grateful!  I'm taking expressions of interest to work together for Term 2,  1:1 over 6 weeks  either in person or online with the focus on helping you to find your stride, to feel content and more satisified with yourself and your life. It's powerful stuff, transformative and hearty and the results are off the richter!  A combination of intuitive coaching, energy healing and a sprinkle of pixie dust mean that you will walk out of the 6 weeks a calmer, happier and more steady person.  If this sounds exactly what you need please contact CJ here. 


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