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Custom Blends: What can we do for you?

You have heard that essential oils are good for you, you like the smell, but how can they actually help you?

Be it help in the area of fertility, thyroid, lethargy, anxiety, over-active mind - there is an essential oil or more that can help you with that. You might just want a certain mist with your favourite scents without having a 'problem' to address, and we can do this too.  We love making potions!  

How do essential oils actually work?  (in a nutshell)
Essential oils work on stimulating the limbic system, which plays a role in the brain controlling several unconscious physiological function, such as breathing, blood pressure - also our emotions, behaviours, sense of smell and memory. Certain oils have certain effects.

Because everyone is different and you may have a specific request or concern , we have the option of having a quick consultation with Kate our qualified aromatherapist who can help come up with a customised blend to help aid you in this area, and can advise what is SAFE and how your blends can be used safely. We have had many satisfied customers and excellent results.

Mother Nature is powerful and for years she has produced us with the remedies (which work!) it is amazing what plants can do for us. However, we do not claim to be doctors, or replace any medication, but we do claim to know the power in essential oils and want to share their magic with you!

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